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Focus Stories

Lynda Miller, The Staging Real Estate Agent

by Jack Roth

Featured Photo from Lynda Miller, The Staging Real  Estate Agent

It’s all about the staging. Lynda Miller is a seasoned Central Florida Realtor who provides the critical staging services to clients who need to sell their homes quickly and for top dollar.

As a Realtor who has been actively selling and staging homes for more than 18 years, Lynda understands what buyersare looking for. Working with sellers to make their property stand out from the competition, Lynda uses her staging talentsto successfully create an atmosphere of beauty and tranquility. The goal is to optimize the way a home is marketed.

“As a Realtor, I would walk into homes for sale that were cluttered and visually unappealing,” Lynda says, describing howshe incorporated expert staging into her roster of services. “It was frustrating because the potential buyers couldn’t see thetrue potential of the home, and the sellers couldn’t understand why they weren’t getting any offers. In every case, there wasa glaring need for staging.”

Lynda decided to become a Certified Staging Real Estate Agent and build her reputation as a Realtor who can providestaging services at a moment’s notice. Lynda started accumulating her own inventory of furniture and accent pieces, alldesigned to achieve maximum effect and awe potential buyers.

“Homeowners get excited when I explain how subtle changes can make a dramatic effect on their home, and they also learna few design techniques for their new home along the way,” says Lynda. “When you warm up a home and open up the space,it makes a huge difference to people who are considering living in that environment.”

Staging is part art, part science, all designed to get a potential buyer to fall in love with a home almost immediatelyafter walking in.

“The first three weeks are the most critical time for a new listing on the market,” explains Lynda, whose stagingtypically increases the value of the home by 10 to 15 percent. “After that, you become a little more blended into the existinginventory int he MLS. That is why it is so crucial to start off strong. If it goes beyond this time, you either have a pricing issue ora presentation issue.”

With a warehouse full of staging furniture, Lynda’s moving crews transport the items to the homes that need to bestaged.Homeowners are asked to go out for the day, and during that time the staging items are placed strategically throughoutthe house. The transformation is striking, and when the homeowners return, they are often in awe.It’s all about the staging.Lynda Miller is a seasoned Central Florida Realtor who provides the critical staging services to clients who need to sell theirhomes quickly and for top dollar.

“Homes are sold emotionally to buyers, and everything should create a good balance to the space in the home,” saysLynda.“Up to date and trendy furniture pieces can help to modernize an otherwise dated home. There should also be a naturalflow to everything. It should look clean, bright, and airy.”

Lynda may make a few small suggestions to sellers, and by making these changes along with staging the home, herowners may get offers over asking price, which may result from multiple offers on the home.

“My biggest passion is expired listings, which are homes that had previously been on the market that did not sell,” saysLynda.“When a seller comes to you for help because they have exhausted all efforts through their previous Realtor, it’s usuallyan easy fix with staging. I know through some minor changes to furniture placement and décor, it becomes like locatingthe missing piece of a puzzle. The key is to be honest with the homeowners and tell them what’s preventing the housefrom selling.”

Lynda loves the fact that she can have such a huge impact on selling a home. She enjoys creating an environment thatworks and ultimately helps her clients.

“In the end, it’s about my clients,” Lynda says. “I want the best for them, and I feel satisfied knowing I helped them selltheir biggest asset, their home.”





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